I've been interested in speaking since the day my mother told me that I couldn't be a tomboy (girl athlete) anymore and must start spending my time with girls. At 14 years old, I found other girls to be an absolute mystery to talk with. However, after years of speech science, linguistics, psychology, and experience, I can not only talk to other girls but to anyone, and so can you.‚Äč

Speaking can be very challenging -- from the way we pronounce words depending upon where we are from to how we "read" others to handling the most difficult situations with diplomacy and assertiveness. With RC&A communication coaching, all of these parameters are developed, better, faster, and in more interesting and enjoyable ways than most people imagine.

Talk to us and your management about how your speaking (and writing) style have had a positive and negative impact on your life.


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"Speaking is a muscle. You must develop it through the exercise of speaking, consciously."

-Allan Carlsen, University of Delaware professor

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