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About Us

Rae Cook

Years of experience: 36

Position: Mentor & Executive Coach

Knowledge of speech science, linguistics, multiculturalism, business, and technology result in detailed coaching and focus on real deliverables.

“Our engineering leaders are more authoritative and expressive than ever before."


T-Mobile Senior Director, NY Market

Our Promise:  

We know how vulnerable people feel when they start the coaching process. Our commitment is to ensure that you will grow and shine with confidence by the end of our journey together. 

Travel destinations may be:

  • Concise and confident speaking
  • Conveying authority
  • Executive presence...and so much more!

OUR MISSION: Meet your career goals by conveying encouraging and refining the communication and leadership attributes that create your success. 

What are those attributes? Click here for the full list of attributes you need to succeed and that we coach methodically and effectively.

Andrea Limbach

Years of experience: 20

Position: CEO &      Executive Coach

Committed to helping others achieve results. Her strengths include ensuring the delivery of quantifiable results and enabling successful change.