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These are samples of specific skills you can build through communication coaching

peaking Style and Presentations
Increasing conciseness
Improving speech (and writing) clarity
Matching messages to audiences
Controlling speaking rate
Connecting with non-technical leaders
Being systematically persuasive
Conveying authority
Building body language 
Having eye contact
Being appealing and engaging
Showing courage 
Being kinder
Being stronger
Matching the company culture
Being collaborative
Demonstrating logical thinking

Executive Presence
Getting to the point quickly

Handling pressure and challenges

Concisely describing strategy

Switching from tactical to strategic speaking

Working with boards of directors

Presenting to industry analysts

Persuading top executives 

Creating interaction
Being warmer
Being interesting
Being memorable
Conveying authority
Showing energy and drive

Speech, Language, and Fluency Development
Speaking at an even, 100% clear rate

Reducing accents
Speaking English at a high level
Improving vocabulary and word-finding
Writing clearly, grammatically, and with accurate punctuation
Reducing stuttering
Using "Global English" to make English more understandable

Reducing hesitation 

Adding pauses and intonation

DON'T let communication difficulties stop you or your career.