speak with impact

Our coaching outcome is that your key messages are clear and influential in everything from small meetings to Town Halls.

​​​welcome! if you're here, you want to speak with presence and impact. great! let's get started.

be valued

When you compete for a promotion or for recognition, you can succeed if you know how to make your strengths compelling.

have presence

Introverted and extroverted speakers can be memorable and genuine in their own ways.

Rae Cook & Associates, Inc.

If you really want to influence others, you need the best tools you can get. Those tools are here.

Get useful coaching. Email rae@raecook.com for more insight into how to optimize your strengths and fill your gaps in the best ways out there.

tell your VALUE

Engage the attention of even the toughest audiences, like senior executives. Also, speak English at a more advanced level to be respected and memorable.

Big changes coming: Rae Cook & Associates will become RC Global Group in 3Q 2019.
Why: RC Global group has the resources & big picture thinking to bring our clients the next generation of coaching & courses.