Coaching creates confidence.

You are great. Show it so others know it.





 We can quickly evaluate and make specific recommendations.

We start and end with metrics for success, unheard of in "soft skill" coaching and courses. 

Our clients learn about communication style, influencing, pronunciation, grammar, wording, presentation, and executive presence. 

We specialize in business and technical communication improvement. Success comes from unique feedback and confidence-building coaching.

Rae Cook & Associates, inc. Speech Improvement And Confidence

Specific and useful strategies

  • Our professional staff includes associates with expertise in communication coaching for finance, technology, and executive leadership.

  • Serving global corporations for decades.

  • Discreetly helping many leaders to succeed.

  • Practical evaluations
  • Strategic & tactical feedback
  • Useful strategies
  • Career enhancing advice
  • Knowledge of how industry and technical leaders succeed
  • Focus on skill application in the workplace


"Thanks for all the guidance and feedback. Your influence has created a real change in my life. You are very good at what you do!!"

Bank Card Senior Project Leader 2005-01-01 monthly 0.8